Project Management – Costa Style

Medium, de-cafe, latte, to go...

Medium, de-cafe, latte, to go…

So on my way to the usual Wednesday client development meeting, drop in to pick up the coffees,

“Medium, de-cafe, latte to go please,”
“What size sir?”
“eerrr Medium,”
“What type you like, regular or de-cafe?”
“I just told you, de-cafe please,”
“To have in or to take away?”
*sigh*, “Takeaway”
“that will be £2 please”

You know how people run from a script and when in auto pilot they just switch off?  You miss things, fail to spot the obvious and if you are not careful, you upset the client in the process.

How could we re-check the script and keep it open enough that if the answer is immediately clear we can press on?

Well first off, I got them all a coffee, even though I got 1 order wrong, seems I was on auto pilot!”


Bear PM necessities? – Treat every repetitive process as the first time you are doing it.

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