GitHub steps closer

Just like the star wars trilogy, this is a series of posts published in the wrong order.  Episode 4 in the launching of a new product!  I will upload my other three posts from our dev team this week, but first in our new year announcements is the preparing of our new platform for open source.

We are now in an early Alpha test mode on our separate project management tool, which is testing the robustness of the platform to its limit.  It is this platform that we are committed to opening up to the developer community.  With that in mind we are looking at taking on a documenter by March to start helping us order our code library and add some quality control, helping make it all a bit easier to read / understand.

They will then also be co-blogging the in’s and out’s of the UPG framework on this site to also make it more of an open channel for discussions as well as GitHub…

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