Announcement – The flare goes up

Controlled Projects Ltd (CP) is changing its online presence.  My little world has to date been a set of oddities and random technical thoughts, this will continue a bit.  But the site will now move towards being more product orientated and the site will become a window further into the world of our development teams and operational outputs.

CP, who sponsor this site by paying its bills will move it more into the arms of the product that I work on as the helpdesk and begin to create more of a set of master classes and “how” to workshops on getting things done.

I personally like this idea and will still be able to run my slots on other Lean moments in business as we see it happen.

We have some great stuff lined up for release, a programming platform as an open license tool for developers, a new product line and some new modules in our current workflow tool.  All good stuff.  I hope to release more information about this and more information on what we intend to deliver over the next year, on Monday.

— The Helpdesk Bear 🙂

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