April in the spot light – Introducing the UPG Framework

It’s April, Time to unveil a little bit of information on our new “UPG-Framework” platform.

This is the new back end platform we have been developing for over a year now and will be moving our existing applications onto, all while developing new ones on the framework.  The UPG -Framework, is a very clever little platform.  We have moved db funtions to the client, which of course means stripping these out of the db server to make it all faster.  It is written to be federated across servers and is 100% XML XSLT when it hits the client.

Java script is kept to a minimal and it is CSS3 compliant…

I am engaging the tech team to write a blog on the platform which is the culmination of our series in improvements, the SQLparadigm project Cheetah andClement!

The speed is utterly blistering even when the server is under duress, the client experience is excellent and responsive, this is the future…

More to come on the UPG-Framework



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