January in the spot light – Innovate or die! (slowly of course)

We have spoken a lot about innovation and change over the life of this blog, it is something we are passionate about but also hold dear to the heart of software development.

Over the years the industry has spent its time evolving best practice for innovation through improving methodology and  base coding, for example Agile and re-usable code… But this does not deal with the basics of a solid business case and ROI (return of investment).

So here is a brilliant example of innovation in the coal face, see the game below, these are both available now through Sainsbury’s in the UK.

Oh no its a game!

Oh no its a game!


This is the same as the fish game, same base, different rules...

This is the same as the fish game, same base, different rules…









The thing to note is the base is the same, the figures and the fishing rods / flippers are different.  But essentially one was born out of the other.  The game maker took the hard core / main component and reinvented a new game  based on the hit of the fishing.

So the innovation here just rocks.  reusable part / reusable code, sure some similarity, but the fact an existing shell with marketing and packaging etc was taken and turned around into a new hit was superb, a top mark from us.

So why the or die part of the title?  Well no product survives the markets of time, intact.  If you don’t keep moving the market moves for you, this is true now as it has been for centuries, transport is a great example in our modern history of  “innovate or be left the slowest commuter!”

This post is about frameworks and that is the level we innovate at, of course we have structured methodology to work with, reusable code… but the innovation, that is achieved at the framework level.  In February we will unveil more of our new product line all powered by the UPG-Framework and complete our serious of coding paradigms the sandwich shop

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