December in the spot light – Responsive design (oooh)

The development teams are really excited about a massive new feature in the up and coming roll out for our new Capital Projects Software.  Responsive design!

Ok ok, not so bleeding edge as you may think, but still new on the roll out for a lot of business and definitively taking the internet by storm.  Now we do responsive design slightly differently from the norm, but the paradigm is the same… You view a web site, no matter what the device the web site resizes to fit.

This is super nice if you don’t use any java script techniques (the old days before CSS).  Effort has to be put in to the responsive design in two ways:

  1. How the site will look in each medium, menus laid out in mobile format would certainly be different from a large monitor.
  2. The donkey work to set all the CSS for each format.

This is a very modern and very nice touch, especially with the mobile market becoming so large you want a unified strategy for your site not several sites.  The down side is the small overhead in maintenance when you make changes to a page, testing it in all the mediums become an investment in time 🙂

Definitely think of your channel strategy for different devices, responsive design could be for you, it is for us 🙂

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